Domestic Air

We offer a variety of airfreight solutions to meet the needs of your company and your customers' requirements. We have capabilities to provide a multitude of solutions, which can be customized to fit your transportation needs.

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Domestic Ground

Our experienced team members are focused on keeping your business moving forward, our ground transportation solution services are based on your need for speed, economy or customized solutions.

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International Air

We offer a complete package of airfreight services through our global network and utilization of our innovative technology. Our experienced team members are available 24/7.

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Customer Satisfication Tools

Customer satisfaction is an important customer metric to understand how your customers feel about your products or services. Connecting with your customers is the only real way to measure customer satisfaction.

Management & Reporting

Drive action, share insight, and help your firm’s clients understand the big picture. Seamlessly import your data to visualize your accounts and gain actionable insights.

Freight Payment Options

Our Staff Offers Long Term Solutions & Benefits To Your Organizations Supply Chain. RFQ! We Provide A Comprehensive Audit Of Your Expenses & Identify Opportunities To Lower Them. Funds Always Secure. Carriers Paid On-Time. Improve controls.

Compliance Solutions

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Choose your packages to deliver on Saturday morning when preparing your shipments. From the start of your shipment, your recipient receives a notification to ensure his presence at the time of delivery and you check, in real-time, the actual delivery of your shipments and access the proof of delivery signed by your recipient.

Deliver all of USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA, twice a day, is our DNA! We deliver, the same afternoon, your parcels supported before 12:00 on the bordering departments of your agency Allstates Cargo You streamline your production by selling your regional products first and organizing, without clutter, your national distribution.

Interpac makes it possible to secure your urgent shipments of less than 10 kg: express delivery all USA D + 1 before 13h *, protection by special packaging, secure processing and priority, individualized tracking of each package, simplified pricing …

Cargo Swift Logistics allows you to organize your shipments whatever the point of departure or arrival including to and from the main cities of USA. You drive these shipments via your e-space at the same time as shipments leaving from home and you are informed by email of the most important stages of delivery. With Cargo Swift Logistics, optimize the management of your returns and transverse flows.

Some of your recipients must be delivered at a specific time: with TOP H, choose the delivery time, to the nearest quarter of an hour (half hour for Canada): choice between 7am and 7pm on weekdays (between 7am and 12:30 pm on Saturday morning), simultaneous support with your other shipments, delivery by hand to your recipient, reimbursement of transport costs if the delivery time chosen is not respected.

Most operators limit the express to the transport of small parcels. With Cargo Swift Logistics you can access the widest spectrum of market support: goods from 0 to 1T, potentially sensitive because of their character, size, value or packaging.

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